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Anonymous Personalisation – Using relevance to drive more sales

smart rules

Context matters. The more useful, informative and relevant you can make your website's content to specific visitors the better. Segmented and targeted content hits home much more powerfully and effectively than content aimed at a general audience.

Goodbye Google Authorship – Hello G+ prominence

Google authorship

You may have noticed when the photos of content authors disappeared from the search results in June. The results pages looked a lot less interesting without them. But that was just the start - now Google Authorship has gone completely.

Our latest HubSpot COS website: A design & build for accessplanit

New HubSpot COS website for Accessplanit

We're delighted that a new website that we've designed and built for accessplanit on HubSpot's Content Optimisation System (COS) is now live.

The site makes use of many of the advanced features of the COS, including the ability to personalise content and marketing messages based on a visitor's previous interactions with a site. It's also fully responsive for mobile.

Using images to boost your marketing (and a new HubSpot tool)

Using images in your marketing

People love imagery. As inveterate pattern-seekers, we rely on images much more than we consciously realise. 90% of the information we digest is visual and our brains analyse images faster than they decode writing.

Google Panda 4.0 algorithm update - The latest news

Google Panda 4.0   What we know so far

Google rolled out Panda 4.0 on May 20th 2014 and in our last post on the subject we promised to follow up with an update. The ramifications were unclear at first and speculation was rife. Now the waters have cleared and it's possible to see what's happened, to whom, why and what site owners can do about it.

Google Panda 4.0 – What we know so far

Google Panda 4.0   What we know so far

Google's Panda 4.0 update began rolling out last week. While its impact remains uncertain, here's a round up of some of the more interesting views we've seen so far.

Quick tip: How to write a winning meta description

How to write a great meta description

The meta description tag is used to describe a page's contents and appears in the search engine results pages. Creating a great meta description is important as they can play a big role in encouraging visitors to click through. Think of them as mini sales pitches for your website pages.

How to optimise blog posts for search (a 10 step checklist)

How to optimise your blog posts for search

In an increasingly competitive world it’s really important to optimise your blog posts. But how do you do it?

As you might expect, search engines use words, phrases and questions to explore, classify, rate and rank web pages. So when you use the right ones in your content – and the meta data that sits behind it – you tell search engines what your post is all about. Then, armed with the right information, they can deliver the best possible search results to their users. 

How to set robots.txt in HubSpot and why it matters

How to set robots.txt in HubSpot

People often ask us how to do things in HubSpot. When we get these questions we like to turn them into blog posts in our HubSpot FAQs series. In this post we'll look at how you can use your robots.txt file in HubSpot and what getting this right (and wrong) can mean for your marketing.

9 ways to improve your marketing with HubSpot's Campaigns tool

Improve your marketing with the HubSpot campaigns tool

Do you know if your marketing campaigns are delivering the results you need? There’s no point building great campaigns if you can’t get the insights you need to track, assess and analyse the results. Which is why Hubspot’s excellent new Campaigns tool is so useful.

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