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5 more LinkedIn tips for successful Inbound Marketing

Posted by Steve Oakman on Sep 26, 2011 3:06:00 PM

5 LinkedIn tipsWith over 100 million users, LinkedIn is a lead generation channel that can't be ignored. It's the preeminent business social network, with the UK delivering the second highest number of visitors after the US.

In fact, there are more visitors to LinkedIn from London each month than from any other city in the world1.

Following on from her post last month, 4 LinkedIn Tips for Inbound Marketing, we are delighted to feature another guest post from Victoria Ipri, the renowned LinkedIn specialist, speaker and author. For more of her wit and wisdom, we highly recommend her blog Linked-In-Sanity.

In this post, Victoria highlights 5 common faux pas that she frequently encounters as a LinkedIn trainer and offers some more invaluable tips. Here's her candid advice:

  1. Stop using standard LinkedIn language for invites ”I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”  Still using this tired old line?  It shows a complete disinterest in people and a total lack of imagination. It says, “I’m rushing through this and you’re just one in a huge number of nameless faces that make up my connection quota for the day.” Create several templated invitations. Save them in a word doc, then whip ‘em out and customize them for more satisfying LinkedIn connections. For example, something as simple as “Dear John, We share membership in the ABC group. I’ve reviewed your profile and would appreciate the opportunity to connect.” Could it be any easier?

  2. Connect with people who view your profile Do you ever look at this feature to see who is looking at you? Those with paid memberships get an expanded view, but even free members can see who stopped by, as long as that member has no profile restrictions. So what are you going to do about it? Send an email. Yes, a simple note like, “Sue, I noticed you viewed my profile. Were you just browsing or can I help you better understand [insert appropriately]?” I wish I had tracked my use of this strategy from the beginning, because I could be telling some great stories about the unexpected business I’ve earned from this simple action. Once again, this is an email that can be written ahead of time and slightly tweaked to customise personally. 3 seconds…in and out. Not so hard, is it?

  3. Don't stand on the sidelines Remember your first school party? Remember standing on the sidelines, hoping someone would ask you to dance? Ever wondered how that experience might have been forever changed if you had just stepped away from the wall? Joining groups and then sitting there like the proverbial wallflower is ridiculous. Why did you join the group? If this group met in person once a week, would you attend every meeting but never say a word? Groups are about participation, networking and finding likeminded people. New business is about connecting and engaging, none of which can happen when you are virtually invisible. Start talking!

  4. Stop cluttering your homepage with tweets When it comes to syncing Twitter with LinkedIn, you have 2 choices: sync your Twitter feed to your LinkedIn home page, or sync your LinkedIn homepage to your Twitter feed. Which one is best? Well, the answer depends in part on your industry and your tweeting style. As a general rule of thumb, sync your LinkedIn page to your Twitter feed. This way, you won’t clutter your homepage with every single tweet unrelated to your LinkedIn network, which can annoy some members. In fact, it can be so annoying some members may decide to ‘hide’ your updates, meaning their connection to your brilliant insights is broken until the “unhide” button is chosen. You might be chatting in the wind, but you will never know….

  5. Ask for recommendations People generally have a tough time asking for what they want. Asking for a recommendation is no easier. It feels awkward; you may be rejected, or worse, completely ignored. If you don’t know why you should ask for the recommendation, think it through first.  Recommendations are important to a well-rounded profile, but literally vital to page rank, which can help you get found and get hired. If you are a bit nervous, ask colleagues, peers, friends, and good clients first. They won’t say no, and they’ll always say something nice. Recommendations can be about work you’ve done, results you’ve achieved, your character, work ethic, etc. Recommendations can also be used to repeat important keyword phrases. No need to write a novel when a few sentences will do. Whatever you do, don’t ask strangers for recommendations. And for heaven’s sake, don’t accept LinkedIn’s standard language, “I’m sending this to ask you for a brief recommendation of my work that I can include in my LinkedIn profile. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for helping me out.” This isn't how real people communicate.

If you have a question about using Linkedin, you can contact me at

To learn how to be successful on LinkedIn in under an hour a day, why not download the eBook Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Inbound Marketing. Victoria Ipri, CEO of Modello Media, Inc., helps LinkedIn members break away from outdated marketing wisdom, social peer pressure, and follow-the-crowd mentalities that can block outrageous online marketing success.

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