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Where's the online marketing content in your business?

Posted by Steve Oakman on Jul 31, 2011 4:41:00 PM

Online marketing contentIn the second of our series on content marketing, we look at 10 places to find online marketing content in your business. The good news is that every business has content to share, it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

For a brief introduction to the ideas behind content marketing, please see our blog post ‘How content marketing can benefit your business’. But to recap, content marketing is all about creating useful and relevant content that attracts customers who are searching for your products or services online. Businesses of all sizes are starting to appreciate the benefits that a content led approach to marketing can bring, including:

  • Improving their visibility in search engine results

  • Increasing their website traffic

  • Encouraging more of these visitors to make enquiries and become leads

  • Helping them stay front of mind with these potential customers until they're ready to buy.

10 great places to look for online marketing content

Here are ten places where you might unearth online marketing content in your business:

  1. Your old content that’s gathering dust – You may have articles, interviews or press releases that can be updated and repurposed to create new online marketing content? For example, your team may have written articles in the past that can now be revisited and divided into conversational and easily digested blog posts.

  2. Your Customer Service department – Find out what customers are contacting you about and the issues that matter to them. This can be a great source of new content, such as problem solving how-to guides, tips and Q&As.

  3. Your Sales team – Your Sales team may have a range of presentations, which they use with different customer groups at varying stages of the buying cycle. Within these they’ll be valuable information that shows how your products or services stack up against the alternatives and how they can solve a customer’s problems.

  4. Your customers’ stories - Rather than a simple case study, treat your customers’ experiences like a story, with a beginning, a middle and end. What went well, what challenges what met, what did you do that was innovative and different? Also, make a point of highlighting the human element, make your story about the people involved.

  5. Your images – Your business might be lucky enough to have a wealth of interesting images (one of our clients is an insurance loss assessors and they have some really dramatic images), which you can use in your blog posts or in social media channels like Facebook and Flickr. But even if you don’t, you might take an existing piece of content and make it visual – for example, consider producing an infographic.

  6. Your speakers – If people from your company speak at events, then their slide decks with the ideas or research they contain can form very strong online marketing content. This can be real opportunity to use mediums like Slideshare or video to widen the reach of their presentations.

  7. Your other experts – Interview the people within your business who are experts in their field. These can be quick and easy to do, while making interesting blog posts. Here’s a good example of the interview format, with some great content marketing ideas too.

  8. Your views on industry trends and news - Most industries are served by their own industry press. Commenting on the latest news is a good way to create fresh topical content. Also, to make your content stand out, think about how you can give it an edge. You might choose to take the moral high ground or the customer’s side, while perhaps challenging the conventional wisdom in your industry.

  9. Your favourite content – There may be an opportunity in your industry to bring together the most interesting and insightful content that has been published by others. This can be of real value to your audience, particularly if you do it regularly.

  10. Your reports from events – If members of your team attend industry events, ask them to summarise the best points from presentations and keynote speeches. This is a great way to get even more value from the time and cost of going along.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more opportunities to find online marketing content in any business. It’s well worth getting your team together and brainstorming the opportunities in your particular industry. Of course, whatever content you produce, it’s important to get the balance right. As a rule, we aim to make at least 80% of content about a client’s customers and their issues and needs.

Optimise for search engine success

Whatever online marketing content you produce, it’s important that it reflects your overall search engine optimisation strategy. You’ll want to focus on the keywords and phrases that your potential customers are using when they search online. That's the subject of the next post in this series.

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