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8 best practices for call to action buttons that convert

Posted by Steve Oakman on Oct 18, 2013 3:54:00 PM

 8 best practices for call to action buttons that convertMany companies struggle to convert their website traffic into leads and enquiries. They might have great content offers, such as ebooks and whitepapers, but people don’t always find and convert on their landing pages.

The answer is adding effective call to action buttons across your site.

A strong call to action will always have a clear, specific goal, such as encouraging website visitors to download a piece of content or take a free trial, and so exchange their contact details via a form in the process.

How to make your call to action buttons more effective

All call to actions aren’t created equal – here are eight best practices that will help make yours more effective. 

Make your call to action stand out

If you want your calls to action to have real impact then they need to feature prominently on your website, ideally where there’s no need to scroll to see them. Also, don’t be afraid to make your call to actions stand out, with strong colours and an image of the content on offer.  

Emphasise the benefits

Lead with the benefits of clicking on the call to action and make your message action orientated. Use active verbs such as 'download', 'explore' and 'read'. Couple these with benefit led statements that are relevant to your audience to maximise the impact of your calls to action. Don't underestimate the power of the word 'free'.

Keep it simple

Your calls to action should be simply and effectively worded to minimise potential confusion. It's best not to overuse superlatives. However, it’s possible to to make an impact by incorporating impressive facts and figures. 

Make your call to action short and sweet

Most effective calls to action are between 90 and 150 characters in length. The text should do enough to capture your website visitors' interest and persuade them to continue the journey towards conversion. 

Include appropriate text & images

Don't forget the importance of incorporating images that your readers can relate to. In particular, it’s often worth including an image of the content offer itself. Instead of using freely downloadable call to action buttons on your website, consider developing your own unique house style.  

Consider personalisation

Hubspot recently revealed that 'calls-to-action targeted to the user have a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than calls to action that are the same for all visitors'. This has powerful implications and it’s worth considering how you could personalise your calls to action, so they relate to a visitor’s previous interactions with your site. For example, if they’ve downloaded an ebook on a partcular subject in the past, why not show them a call to action for an appropriate product brochure or even a free trial next time they visit? Similarly, you may want to show entirely different offers to your existing customers, compared to prospects.

Until recently personalisation like this has been difficult to achieve, but with modern marketing software it’s a real opportunity for most marketers. 

Test your calls to action

It’s surprising how changing the text, image or position of a call to action can affect conversion rates. Ideally you want to A/B test your call to action buttons to try and improve their performance over time. Software like HubSpot can help you here.

Link to a landing page

Every call to action should lead to an optimised landing page. There's lots more information about optimising landing pages in our latest free ebook. You can download your copy here.

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