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Dynamic Calls to Action: How to deliver the right message at the right time

Posted by Steve Oakman on Nov 13, 2013 1:30:00 PM


According to recent research by HubSpot, personalised, dynamic calls to action convert 42% better than un-personalised, non-dynamic CTAs. That's a serious commercial advantage and one well worth tapping into.

In a nutshell, by creating dynamic, smart calls to action, you can deliver the right marketing messages at the right time to your website visitors.

It’s all about intelligent targeting, a classic marketing principle. In fact direct marketers have been carrying out targeted, personalised campaigns for more than fifty years, reaching way back into the olden days of direct mail. As such there’s an enormous amount of empirical evidence to prove it works, and often works dramatically well. How? Like so much in marketing, it’s all about applying logic and common sense in a creative manner.

Smart, dynamic CTAs in action…

For the sake of argument, imagine you’ve just written a blog post about Widgets. Some readers won't have used these Widgets yet, and they’ll be in ‘research’ mode. Other readers may already have shown an interest in Widgets by downloading a piece of content or completing a relevant form on your website, which could mean that they’re further along the buying process and closer to a purchasing decision.

If you show both segments the same CTA, it may not be right for one or both of them. But create a dynamic CTA for each segment and you have a much higher chance of conversion. You can tell the Widget newbies about your informative Widget ebooks, whitepapers and webinars, meeting their needs directly. Similarly, you can develop your relationship with more engaged prospects, pushing them further along the sales funnel towards a purchase.

In both cases, using a dynamic call to action can let you personalise its message and content, making it more relevant.

Dynamic calls to action in two essential flavours

HubSpot lets you create powerful, smart calls to action in two key ways. One, to target a buyer persona you’ve identified and two, to drive action in lifecycle dependent segments. Here’s how they work to enhance the power of your marketing messages:

1. Persona driven dynamic CTAs

You can create tightly targeted lists for each buyer persona based on factors like their industry, company size or interests. You can then create smart CTAs that change depending on which persona is looking at them, tailoring the message directly to their situation. And you can create smart images, which function in much the same way as smart CTAs. Together they’re remarkably powerful, showing relevant pictures to your audience and targeting specific offers based directly on their interests and unique challenges.

2. Lifecycle inspired dynamic calls to action

You can also create smart lists to keep track of customer and prospect lifecycle stages, ie. visitors, subscribers, qualified leads, existing customers and so on. You can target specially created top-of-the-funnel CTAs at first timers. Or show a CTA relating to a demo or trial to people who have enquired about product features or pricing. In the same way, you can show existing customers CTAs for product tutorials or upgrades. Either way, the dynamic CTAs you use are driven by where the prospect is in the buying process. It’s the perfect way to encourage leads through the buying process, using intelligent targeting and educating them with the right information, at the right stage, as they move towards becoming a sale.

HubSpot and the smart CTA revolution

HubSpot is at the forefront of the personalisation revolution. It lets you deliver different CTAs based on a website visitor's profile and the history of their interaction with your business, so responding directly to their stage in the customer lifecycle.

It’s all about delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right person to improve conversion and your marketing's return on investment.

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