Free ebook: An introduction to Growth-Driven Design

An introduction to Growth-Driven Design

Improve the performance of your website with Growth-Driven Design

Have you been thinking about redesigning your website or launching a new one? If so, this free ebook is for you. It will tell you more about Growth-Driven Design, a new way to approach the web design process.

Here's what you'll learn from this free ebook:

  • Why the traditional approach to website design doesn't work for many businesses.
  • How to avoid the risks associated with traditional website design.
  • How to launch an effective new website quickly.
  • How to use data, testing and analysis to continuously improve your site.
  • How to refine your website so it reflects the behaviour and preferences of your actual website visitors.
  • How to ensure that your website delivers value that you can actually measure.

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"This ebook was written by Luke Summerfield of HubSpot and it’s a must read for anyone who’s looking to get more from their website. Luke describes exactly what he believes is wrong with the traditional web design process and how Growth-Driven Design can minimise many of those risks."  Steve Oakman, Director. Concentric Marketing

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